TPSynergy provides a tailor made EDI solution for StichLabs users. It has all the tools and features needed for fully automating the orders management process to save time and cost. Bulk processing of orders, back order shipping, labels printing, automatic invoicing all included.
TPSynergy has tested and certified the EDI Integration with many customers. StichLabs is integrated to TPSynergy. Data entry work is avoided due to the seamless integration.

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EDI Compliance

Fully compliant with standard EDI Process.
  • Order Confirmation
  • Back Order/Rejection
  • Freight Request
  • Carton Labels
  • Advance Ship Notice
  • Invoicing

Bulk Order Processing

Orders and Shipments can be processed in bulk. Instead of clicking orders one by one, you can download the data in Excel format, update the values and re upload to save time.

Fedex/UPS Labels

TPSynergy is integrated to FedEx and UPS. Labels can be printed along with carton labels in one place. Shipping labels are printed using Amazon’s third party account for collect shipments.

Inventory Synchronization

Inventory status from SKUVAULT is updated automatically into TPSynergy. EDI orders are confirmed automatically based on inventory.

Drop Ship Support

If you are a drop shipper and getting orders from BJ’s, TPSynergy can directly send the orders to your supplier and update shipment confirmation when they ship the shipments

3PL Support

If you are using a Third Party Logistics Provider (3PL) to manage your inventory, TPSynergy works well with 3PL. Shipping users can directly login to TPSynergy to print the shipping labels and ship confirm the orders.

Monitoring and Alerts

TPSynergy monitors for potential delays and alerts you by email. For example, if the order is not confirmed within 24 hours, freight request not created in time, ASN not submitted etc are some of the events monitored and reminders sent so that you will not miss it.

ChargeBack Management

TPSynergy monitors your Vendor Central account for any chargebacks created by Customer. If they are related to EDI, TPSynergy will dispute them with supporting EDI documents. This will save lot of money lost on chargebacks.

Business Dashboard

TPSynergy provides a real time business dashboard showing business trend and performance with Customer. The Dashboards helps to monitor the order trend, timely shipments, product wise business etc

How does it benefit your Business ?

    • As orders are posted into StichLabs directly, it saves data entry error and makes the process more efficient
    • Inventory from StichLabs will be updated into TPSynergy system so that order confirmation can be automated
    • TPSynergy improves the vendor rating for Customer due to timely EDI documents submission
    • Carton label printing, Shipping labels printing all done in one place saving time and cost
    • Automatic submission of Electronic Invoices improves timely payment from Customer

Why is TPSynergy a full Service EDI?

Documents Printing in TPSynergy

Carton Labels

Packing Slip

FedEx/UPS Labels

Bill Of Lading (BOL)

Documents Printing in TPSynergy

Integration to Other Systems

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