EDI Integrations

Full Service EDI

TPSynergy is not just another EDI translator. It’s an end to end order processing system with EDI capabilities. TPSynergy will be the only system you will need to process EDI orders from customers. Keeping track of all orders, partial shipment, full shipment, back ordering, label printing , invoice submission all done in one system.
A fully managed web based system ensures that you do not need any IT skill or consultants to become EDI complaint. With optional integration to accounting systems like QuickBooks, it removes any manual data entry needs.

End to End Order Processing

Receiving EDI Orders, Order confirmation, Back ordering, Shipping, Label printing all done in one system. You do not need multiple systems to manage EDI

Reduce Time and Error

Pre-defined EDI Process ensures you meet customer EDI requirement easily. We have tested and certified our EDI with many customers.

Great Customer Support

Our customer support team ensures you get the value out of EDI system. Unlimited Email, chat and phone call support ensures we are always there to help you.

No Installation & Maintenance

TPSynergy is a cloud based self service system. It is easy to use and no IT skills needed. No additional software needed.

Drop Ship Support

If you are a drop shipper and getting EDI Orders, TPSynergy can directly send the orders to your supplier and update shipment confirmation when they ship the shipments

3PL Support

If you are using a Third Party Logistics Provider (3PL) to manage your inventory, TPSynergy works well with 3PL. Shipping users can directly login to TPSynergy to print the shipping labels and ship confirm the orders.

What our Customers Say?

    • The Software is easy to customize to our individual needs – Rodolfo – Onix Ventures
    • A Quick and Simple way to Convert to EDI for Amazon Retailers – Sean – Puracy
    • Good Software for EDI Orders Processing. Great Customer Service – Brooke – Endurid
    • Good Technical support – Gregory Nash – Precious Pets London

And Many More Customers

How does it benefit your Business?

  • TPSynergy improves the vendor rating with your customers due to timely EDI documents submission
  • Carton label printing, Shipping labels printing all done in one place saving time and cost
  • As orders are posted into accounting systems like QuickBooks directly, it saves data entry error and makes the process more efficient
  • Automatic submission of Electronic Invoices improves timely payment from Customer

Why TPSynergy is a full service EDI

Documents Printing in TPSynergy

Packing Slip

Carton Labels

Shipping Labels

Bill Of Lading

Customer's Integrated to TPSynergy

TPSynergy has pre-tested EDI connection with many large retail customers. We can add new EDI Integration to any EDI customer in 3 weeks time. Below are some of our pre-tested EDI customers.

Systems Integrated to TPSynergy

TPSynergy is integrated to many other systems so that EDI data can seamlessly flow into and from other systems. This helps to reduce the time spent on data entry and avoid errors.

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