Iot and Supply Chain Integration

“Where Is My Order?”

Shipment tracking is one of the most critical services in supply chain management. Millions of dollars worth of goods are lost in transit every year due to a lack of visibility during the shipment process. Therefore, the ability to give an exact and immediate answer to the question, “where is my order?” is critical to the efficiency and robustness of any supply chain. TPSynergy’s IoT tracking devices integrate seamlessly into its award-winning supply chain platform, giving customers the ability to locate their shipment any time of the day.

Internet Of Things (IOT) in Supply Chain

TPSynergy’s shipment tracking devices work anywhere in the world, giving customers insight into their shipment’s exact location. These devices also provide additional critical data, including atmospheric conditions such as storage temperature and humidity. This can be critical for industries that have rigid standards for transport, such as Pharmaceuticals and Food Supply, as it crucial to know the history of atmospheric conditions the shipment has gone through before reaching a destination. Real time visibility into this data can help timely preventive action to avoid wastages.

How it Works

TPSynergy’s IoT tracker is compact – measuring only 3 inches by 3 inches, and weighing less than 12 ounces. The device ships in the same pallet or container along with the material. While the shipment is traveling anywhere around the globe, it constantly communicates to TPSynergy servers using available cellular connections and GPS. In case a connection is not available, data is stored internally and sent to the server once a connection is reestablished.

TPSynergy’s Supply Chain Control Tower analyzes this data stream continuously and immediately notifies stakeholders whenever an abnormal situation arises. The data is also easily accessible for manual examination if needed. Vital shipment information like temperature and humidity is also stored using blockchain technology to add authenticity and to improve the ease of availability.

The current shipment location and route can be viewed in real time using TPSynergy’s web page.

How it is Different?

There are other GPS tracking devices in the market, but they are all stand alone solutions. Users are required to link the order details to devices manually to allow for meaningful tracking. TPSynergy, on the other hand, is a full service supply chain solution, meaning that it already includes basic information like order and item details, making it very easy to link and track the orders to the devices.

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