TPSynergy takes your business to the Largest Marketplace in the world


Accept it. is the largest online marketplace in the world. With Millions of products and thousands of sellers and buyers, it is always buzzing 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Any online business should have its products listed in Amazon and taking advantage of the large customer base and Prime shipping business.

But listing products in is complicated with specific category mapping, classification etc. All the more, automating the listing of products is much more complicated with XML feeds etc.

Also, Amazon is unforgiving on failed orders where seller is frequently hitting out of stock situation.

All this requires an automated solution that will not only list the products automatically in the right category, manage the price , image and also constantly update the quantity in line with their actual stock.

  1. TPSynergy introduces its Amazon Integration services to make it easy for automated listing and inventory Management. With this automated integration, E-tailers can
  2. List products automatically to their Amazon webstore or Amazon Marketplace.
  3. Automatically reprice the Amazon listing. For example markup x% on the cost to update the prices in Amazon automatically
  4. Sync up inventory between physical stores and Amazon. For example, when stock is sold from a physical stores or in another online stores like Shopify
  5. Download customer orders and ship it

Please contact our marketing to learn more and setup trial account to expand your business into Amazon marketplace.

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